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November 21, 2009
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Again, I’m sorry for the delinquency of posts.  Just been a busy girl!  I have some funny episodes to share at greater lengths when I find the time to careful craft their stories into print.  In the meantime, here’s another quickie.

My father bought me a bag of M&Ms and sent it my way.  It is one of those fill-up-yourself kind of bags from an M&M store (isn’t this a wonderful where those exist?).  He filled it with 3 tiers of different colors.  Here’s what you should not do, should you receive a bag like this yourself:


Do not leave the bag untwist tied for easier access.

Do not then leave the bag on the counter for even quicker satisfaction.

Do not walk back and forth to the kitchen, knowing they are waiting there on the counter for you.

Do not sit down and eat the bag like popcorn.

Do not eat by the handfuls, if you must eat that many, eat slowly.

Do not try to eat your way to the next tier of colors.

And probably most important:

Do not write about M&Ms, only furthering your craving for them.


Please heed these warnings, or suffer several pounds gained and an awful tummy ache.



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A+ Presentation

October 16, 2009
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Ok, ok, ok.  I’m sorry.  Apparently grad school entails me to do a fair amount of work, and I shirked my blogging duties.

Well here’s a quickie to make up for it immediately. We had a conference the other day and the presenter, who is one of the world’s foremost authorities on injury in the workplace, did a power point presentation.  Some power point can be very dry, just fact after fact.  I’ve never actually seen one of my father’s power points but I imagine he entertains like this guy did.  One of my dad’s favorite pastimes is taking pictures of odd signs to include in his slide show.  He is so well known for this, my friends will actually return from their travels and say “I took a picture of this cool sign for your dad.”  So boring his presentations are probably not.  Well, Dad, have you ever included YouTube clips?

So here this guy is presenting on workplace injuries and biopsychosocial affects that they have.  He said, “here’s a clip from some of our research.”  And he pressed play.  I like to think I was the only one in that room who truly appreciated this clip.  It aired on TV once, during the Superbowl several years ago during the .com era.  And in those original 60 seconds of air time, I knew I had found my favorite commercial.  So when this presenter snuck this in just for yucks, I had a smile ear to ear.  There was no explanation after.  Just applause for a presentation well done.  Enjoy.

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September 30, 2009
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You can argue about religion all you want, but that Darwin was a smart guy!  I was so close to watching natural selection first hand today.  Now I grew up in Boston, jaywalking is not foreign to me, but I calculate my moves.  Sure, I’ll walk across the street when it says don’t walk, but only because I have looked both ways (thanks parents).  Every now and then I may even push the limits and need to put some spring in my step, but I don’t actively chose to put myself in front of a moving vehicle.

As I was walking home from class earlier I found myself stopped at an intersection.  Generally I like to keep moving, so I cross the street in the direction that has the walk or I keep going up another block, but in this case, I really just needed to wait my turn.  While I was waiting, two delinquents (and yes, they earned their title) came jogging up next to me and proceeded to yell, “FROGGER!” before running out into moving traffic.  Frogger, to those of you unfamiliar, is an arcade turned computer game where you guide poor excuses for frogs (hey, it was the 80s, graphics have come a long way) across a road, dodging cars and trying not to get killed.  Well, I at least give them points for being comical.

So sure enough, they set out into moving traffic, stopping car after car.  And by “car” I mean cab, and cabs don’t like obstructions.  If I were one of the cabs, the only thing that would keep me from teaching them a lesson would be the insurance nightmare that would inevitably ensue.  But alas, yet another opportunity to rid our society of the bottom rung snatched from the jaws of defeat.  Let’s just pray they don’t breed.

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