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November 21, 2009
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Again, I’m sorry for the delinquency of posts.  Just been a busy girl!  I have some funny episodes to share at greater lengths when I find the time to careful craft their stories into print.  In the meantime, here’s another quickie.

My father bought me a bag of M&Ms and sent it my way.  It is one of those fill-up-yourself kind of bags from an M&M store (isn’t this a wonderful where those exist?).  He filled it with 3 tiers of different colors.  Here’s what you should not do, should you receive a bag like this yourself:


Do not leave the bag untwist tied for easier access.

Do not then leave the bag on the counter for even quicker satisfaction.

Do not walk back and forth to the kitchen, knowing they are waiting there on the counter for you.

Do not sit down and eat the bag like popcorn.

Do not eat by the handfuls, if you must eat that many, eat slowly.

Do not try to eat your way to the next tier of colors.

And probably most important:

Do not write about M&Ms, only furthering your craving for them.


Please heed these warnings, or suffer several pounds gained and an awful tummy ache.



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