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October 16, 2009
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Ok, ok, ok.  I’m sorry.  Apparently grad school entails me to do a fair amount of work, and I shirked my blogging duties.

Well here’s a quickie to make up for it immediately. We had a conference the other day and the presenter, who is one of the world’s foremost authorities on injury in the workplace, did a power point presentation.  Some power point can be very dry, just fact after fact.  I’ve never actually seen one of my father’s power points but I imagine he entertains like this guy did.  One of my dad’s favorite pastimes is taking pictures of odd signs to include in his slide show.  He is so well known for this, my friends will actually return from their travels and say “I took a picture of this cool sign for your dad.”  So boring his presentations are probably not.  Well, Dad, have you ever included YouTube clips?

So here this guy is presenting on workplace injuries and biopsychosocial affects that they have.  He said, “here’s a clip from some of our research.”  And he pressed play.  I like to think I was the only one in that room who truly appreciated this clip.  It aired on TV once, during the Superbowl several years ago during the .com era.  And in those original 60 seconds of air time, I knew I had found my favorite commercial.  So when this presenter snuck this in just for yucks, I had a smile ear to ear.  There was no explanation after.  Just applause for a presentation well done.  Enjoy.


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