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Mouse disorders | September 25, 2009

So my mouse friend is still here.  I see him every now and then just working out on my roommate’s bike.  He just runs up and down the frame of the bike, it’s really quite cute, or so I thought.  After further consideration, I’m a bit concerned.  Do mice know the scientific benefits of exercise?  Despite the integral role they play in research, I don’t think those tiny little brains process that.  So I’m going with vanity.  This little mouse has body dysmorphia.  And what’s worse, he has never got into our food before, though there’s plenty of rice, cereal, oatmeal, good stuff for little mousies.  Well this morning as I was getting my cereal, I noticed he got into a bag of Dove chocolate and had taken a piece out.  Now, who am I to judge a chocolate lover, but I’m just a bit concerned that it’s all I’ve seen him eat.  And then he’s back running laps on the bike frame, a bit distressing.  If this continues I’ll have to stage an intervention.


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