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Miranda | September 15, 2009

Ok, so I couldn’t resist sharing this with the world.  I have some excellent news.  I know some of you have heard of “Miranda,” the unfortunate YouTube sensation.  Viral video takes on a new meaning here, as when you watch it, it literally makes you ill.  In this cyber world we live in, you can post anything on the web.  Look at me–and Wikipedia for crying out loud.  So here is a girl, Miranda, who believes she’s the best talent singing has seen since Aretha Franklin.  She is so sure of this, she actually posts videos giving singing lessons.  Learn from a master.

Well, they are far from masterful.  This unfortunate looking girl makes you really wonder, could this possibly be real?  She has posted 39 videos of herself either giving voice lessons or making music videos.  She talks about how her mother helps her edit them, and it forces the question, what mother in their right mind would enable this?

A mother could only support this if the child we actually mentally handicap.  I mean, come on.  So the inference is there.  Even how the girl moves suggests something is just not quite wired right.

Miranda says her inspirations are Britney Spears, Spice Girls and Josh Groban.  However she says in one clip that “I mostly just listens to me, because I know what I’m doing–I teach myself.”  Okay sweetie, keep telling yourself that.

We all have seen the American Idol auditions, do these people honestly think they can sing, or do they do it just to get a rise out of people?  William Hung made a name for himself, though he genuinely believed he was a star.  And incidentally got his 15 minutes of fame.  But what is this girl doing?

Well, exactly that.  She’s getting famous through her mediocrity.  If you could even justify it as that.  Her YouTube channel has been viewed 3/4 of a million times.  That’s insane.  But she’s making a name for herself.  And she’s doing it to prove a point, sometimes people get more famous for being talentless.   Just look at Heidi and Spencer of The Hills.

The bombshell here is that she is quite good!  I was rooting for this to be the case!  No one, I don’t care how mentally challenged, could continue to make such a mockery of themselves like she does.  It does leave it to be questioned how she has so much free time to be making these videos, but we won’t question her time management.

Miranda is the alter ego of one Colleen Ballinger.  And now after seeing her true talent, I can fully appreciate her mastery.  Bravo Miranda.  We are a people of diverse talents.  And one of life’s great challenges is identifying and flourishing in your own.  It’s painful to watch people strive for something they may not be meant to achieve.  Now I can sleep at night knowing that mankind is that much closer to reaching our potential.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Colleen…

This clip is taken at a Broadway cast party where she performed as Miranda earlier on.


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