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Night at the United Nations | September 13, 2009

IMG_0516This city sure is supplying quite the spectrum of events. After a concert in a shoe store days prior, last night I attended a function at the United Nations.  The UN hosted the Concert for Pakistan, an event meant to raise awareness towards the 3 million internally displaced people of Pakistan.

The evening was filled with both speakers and performances.  Some of the speakers included Deepak Chopra, Jeff Skoll (who was the first president of eBay and now runs many socially aware companies and foundations) and Dr. R.K. Pachauri (who along with Al Gore, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007).  Performance highlights included Gavin Rossdale (who was accompanied to the event by Gwen Stefani), Sting (via video) and Junoon.


iPhones can capture some pretty amazing pictures.

Though perhaps not as star studded as Darfur or Burma, it was definitely a top notch event.  The “Who’s Who” of Pakistanis were there, flying in from all over the country.  As exciting as this all was, the message stood, peace in Pakistan is paramount for securing peace around the world.

So that was my Saturday night.  Pretty standard.


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