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First day of school | September 8, 2009

Well it’s official.  I had my first class as a grad student today.  Even just yesterday I was beginning to think my degree didn’t exist.  If you attempt to search for my program on the NYU website, you won’t find it.  Tip off number one.  Then it took until the middle of August for me to get anything that even resembled a way to register for classes, and at that it was only hearsay.  Yesterday, I moseyed by the bookstore to confirm I had ordered the right textbooks, and guess what, no books.  I guess they don’t order books for a program so small.

How small you ask?  Well today I go to class, I had already met this professor before but was anxious to meet my fellow students.  Or should I say student.  Yup, that’s right, it’s me and one other person.  I told you it was a small program!  I had read through the first chapter of the book, knowing the class was small and not wanting to sound ignorant on my first day.  It worked.

This is very exciting stuff.  Sky’s the limit with biomechanics.  We took a few moments to look at actual journal articles written in the biomechanical world.  Topics ranged from studying meat butchers to robotics to landing patterns in female athletes.  So fascinating, or at least to nerds like me.

Now for some random anecdotes I observed to and from class:

As I was walking to class, there was a young businessman walking in front of me.  He had looked over his shoulder for a moment and by the time he looked back where he was walking, an older scruffier man had positioned himself in the other guy’s path, almost purposely.  I got to see this all unfold, which was amusing.  The businessman, nearly crashing into this guy, stumbles back a step and then continues to walk around him.  Then, just as he is about to pass, Mr. Scruff turns to him and kicks him in the shin!  It was bizarre!  Both the young man and I were quite startled by this.  But everyone then walked away…..

On my way back from class, I was walking down the street and there was a giant cat on the sidewalk just watching me as I approached.  When I passed by, he turned and walked back into the store he was guarding.

New York is so weird.


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  1. About Mr Scruff: Right, Dave Letterman, “greatest city in the world” (if you just ignore the commonplace rats and shin kickers and who knows what else). It’s a totally different mind set. Eagerly awaiting next installment.

    Comment by Father Unit — September 8, 2009 @ 11:14 pm

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