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Day 1 in NYC | September 4, 2009

Welcome to my new blog.  After much ado over my seasonal medical debacles, I figured I’d keep the story telling going, but in this new facet of my life.  I moved in to NYC yesterday, my dad and I loaded up a cargo van full of my stuff and hit the road.  Upon arrival at my new abode, we double parked and proceeded to unload.  Just as we were wrapping up, we had our first run in with the NYPD.  I was beginning to think they didn’t do anything.  If NYC driving is any reflection of the job their doing, I think it would be fair to stereotype and say they’re just eating donuts in the station.  So the police officer gave us a ticket for double parking…and incidentally did not give one to the car parked behind us.  Gee thanks.

In an impressive feat, I fit all of my belongings in my 9×9 room. It’s actually mighty cozy!  This place is only until Oct 31st, but it should suffice quite nicely until then.

I am now intimately aware that visiting the city and actually living in the city are two diametric experiences.  When you visit it’s all fun and games.  You spend obscene amounts of money on cabs and food and chalk it up to being on vacation.  Well now I’m money conscious.  I’m about to be a poor student.  I’ve never been poor before but I’m trying adjust.

Example:  So I needed a few things for the apartment, so I walked myself over to TJMaxx and Bed Bath & Beyond.  I picked up the essentials which included a trash can.  Well, I can’t resist a good bargain, so I bought this fabulous trash can at TJMaxx. How can a trash can be that fantastic, you ask? Well, if it is made of pure marble!  It retailed for $50 but was on sale for $5!!! How could I pass that up?  Honestly?  So I do the rest of my shopping and now have my hands full.  What would I usually do? Load everything in my car.  Drive away comfortably. What must I do now?  Make a decision.

I can either pay money for a cab or suck it up and walk the 10 min walk back home.  I chose the latter.  Remember, I’m being money conscious.  Now, if my trapezius muscles were sore from moving yesterday, this just about ripped them apart.  Who carries a marble trash can and other junk back?  I do.  My hands are still raw from the bags inching their way down my palm and fingertips, tearing the flesh as they went.  Pleasant really.

Aside from my noteworthy trash can find, my other exciting purchase of the day was chapstick.  Sure, it may sound trivial, but those of you I have converted to Neutrogena chapstick will appreciate this.  It’s here.  In New York City.  The best chapstick ever made.  Stores stopped carrying it, at least on the West Coast, but there it was, its own shelf devoted to tube after tube of emollient bliss.  I bought two sticks, just in case the chapstick apocalypse were to return.

That’s about all I’ve got to report right now.  Chapstick and trash cans.  Livin’ the life….


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  1. How very Sex and the City…..

    Comment by Henry — September 4, 2009 @ 10:15 pm

  2. I found the chapstick here! I bought two as well, just in case. The greatest product ever made!

    Comment by Nicole — September 8, 2009 @ 2:28 pm

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